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Places to Discover

Written by admin (admin),
Saturday, December 9, 2017 10:06:43 AM

You cannot leave Capri without admiring the most beautiful and picturesque island. So much sun, sea, and enchanted places will make you remember forever the emotions of the first meeting.

Last updated Saturday, December 9, 2017 10:32:15 AM

The Blue Grotto, once known as "the Cave of Gradola", from the nearby ancient port Gradola, owes its romantic name given by two German tourists who visited it in 1826: Augustus Kopisch and Ernesto Fries. Blue because after the ancient sea level rise, the cave gets most of the sunlight through an entrance submerged and this light is reflected on the walls and create a fantastic blue reflexes and produces a magical atmosphere....

The villa, located in Anacapri 150 meters from sea level in the north-west of the island, was discovered as a result of the excavations, by Amedeo Maiuriin the first 40 years after the fund was donated to the community by the famous writer Axel Munthe. Built in the early imperial period between 27BC and 68AD is largely underground and was the victim of abandonment and changes until the end of the Middle Ages and finally...

The villa located in the eastern part of the island, opposite the Punta Campanella, was also explored by Amedeo Maiuri. The structures at the surface is about 7000 square meters., But assumes that the magnitude was greater for the presence of gardens and other outdoor areas. Studies show that the first stones were laid in the structure during the Augustan period, subsequently amended during the tiberian period from the...

Spectacle of nature, the only remaining part of a collapsed cave, is one of the most beautiful natural arches and beautiful in Italy. Nearby you can visit the Cave of Matermania, transformed into a luxurious temple in the Roman era, unfortunately today there are few remains. After the cave, a path thatruns along the sea leads to the famous Via Pizzolungo and Villa Malaparte, from there you can continue to the Belvedere...

The Phoenician Steps, about 300 meters high from the sea level, was built by the first settlers Greeks. It was up to the 800 the only communication route between Marina Grande and Anacapri. You can imagine that since there is no other way, the only way to deliver the goods was the human body and for years the womens of Anacapri climbed it several times a day with the products cleverly transported on the head.

Built in 1902 from a project by E. Mayer and designed by the famous industrialist A.F. Krupp that financed largely this road literally teetering on the rock, which characterizes the shape and makes it a true work of art, connecting the area Marina Piccola with the center of Capri, where the Gardens of Augustus are. From the top you can admire the Faraglioni of Capri. Get Directions From Piazza Umberto I, walk along Via...

If you do not want to miss the most spectacular view on the island, from a belvedere situated at 589 m high, you have to make a stop at Monte Solaro, easily accessible by chairlift from Piazza Vittoria - Anacapri in just 12 minutes. For the more adventurous there is a path of medium difficulty that begins in mid Viale Axel Munthe (about 1 hour 30 minutes).

For hikers, the trail Passetiello is a medium / high difficulty path that must be crossed before leaving the island. It starts from Capri, resort Two Gulfs, and you can reach Mount Solaro after "climbed" to the narrow path that climbs along the rocks and the vegetation. The first part is composed of a real woods which gradually climbing goes to open to leave space for a mixed landscape and more open. Arrived almost at...

The path most impressive to see close all the famous forts along the west coast of the island. You can relive a piece of history of Capri visiting these watch towers, but even more important is the view that will never cease to amaze you at every step and the variety of vegetation that you will encounter along the way do not ever fill your hunger for nature. For lovers of hiking this trail is what is most beautiful and...

Beginning or end of the path of the forts, this seaside town is characterized by a picturesque inlet situated to the southwest of the island. Rich rocks with unique shapes and characterized by mixed and abundant vegetation Punta Carena is one of the best places to enjoy the sun, the sea and especially the beautiful sunsets of Capri. It has a second place in Italy with the largest and most powerful lighthouse after Genoa....

Another inevitable belvedere overlooking overhanging the creeks of Tuoro, the Limmo, and Punta Carena. Get Directions From Anacapri, Piazza Vittoria, take Via Capodimonte next to the chairlift and continue for a little over a mile following the signs to the Belvedere.

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